The general and laparascopic surgical department

"Elit-Med" medical center has a general and laparascopic surgical department where are performed open and laparasopic surgical interventions

Skilled surgical team, operating theaters meeting international standards, logistics, comfortable wards and caring nursing care are the best guarantee of high-quality surgical services.

The department performs the following surgical and diagnostic interventions

  • Surgical interventions in the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bile ducts
  • Gastrointestinal operations
  • Small and large intestine, rectum (colorectal) operations: appendectomy
  • Extra-organ neoplasm operations,
  • Surgical treatment of various types of hernias,
  • Purulent surgery, epithelial channels of the tail, drainage of abscesses, etc.
  • Ambulatory surgery: removal of small benign neoplasms (lipoma, atheroma, etc.)

Thanks to the high professionalism and team efforts of the general and laparoscopic surgery department of the "Elit-Med" medical center, quick and effective recovery of our patients becomes possible.