The gynecological service

The gynecological service is managed by an obstetrician-gynecologist Khachatur Rafikich Vardazaryan

The service is equipped with high-quality specialists and the latest medical equipment.

The team works harmoniously, solidly and efficiently․

The service is guided by guidelines for maintaining, improving, and restoring women's health in all age groups.

We provide the following services`

  1. Surgical gynecology
  2. All types of plastic-reconstructive surgeries: vaginally, also removal of the uterus
  3. Laparoscopic, endoscopic surgical gynecology
  4. Traditional surgical gynecology
  5. Conservative gynecology
  6. Early detection, treatment and dynamic control of female genital diseases.
  7. Early detection of malignant diseases of genital organs.
  8. Family planning, women's health care counseling

Patients went from the clinic with optimism and a good mood and maintain a friendly relationship with the staff