The urological service

Head of urological service of "Elit-Med" and "Slav-Med" Medical Centers Urologist: Vachagan K. Mitoyan

The medical staff of the service is made up of high-quality specialists who regularly undergo professional trainings in well-known clinics in Europe.

We provide the full range of urological interventions and operations: preventive examinations, diagnostics, modern surgical interventions.

The main directions of the service are:

  • General urology (laparoscopic, endoscopic and open)
  • Oncourology
  • Andrology
  • Women's urology

Technical saturation:

  • Modern medical equipment (Stortz)
  • Thunderbeat state-of-the-art energy source for endoscopic and open surgeries: bipolar, ultrasound and laser, which enables operations to be performed with minimal blood loss.
  • Urodynamic system (uroflowmetry)
  • Stone Management (treatment of urolithiasis)

Conservative treatment includes:

  • Upper urinary tract infections
  • Lower urinary tract infections - Chronic prostatitis
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Male infertility